• Joe Collins

The Age of the Electric Car is Fast Approaching

According to the international energy agency there will be about 145 million electric vehicles by the year 2030….18 million EVs in the U.S.

Policy makers are focused on zero emission goals for the future and EVs are one way to reach that milestone.

And as more car companies set electric vehicle targets, costs will continue to come down.

Many studies show that electric car prices will be competitive with their fossil fuel counterparts by the end of the decade.

But here’s the thing.

If you are using electricity generated by your power plant to charge your electric car, chances are that energy was produced by burning fossil fuels.

And even though utilities are making efforts to produce more green energy, the vast majority of their electric production still comes from natural gas and coal.

So if you buy an electric car to be green, you need to make sure the electricity comes from a green source like solar.

If you don’t have a solar system on your roof yet, owning an electric car is another reason to look into it.

If you do have a solar system, you might think about adding a few more panels to create the energy your EV will use.

According to you’ll need to add about 6-12 panels to your solar array to charge your electric car.

Otherwise, that car you bought to protect the planet is just using dirty electricity from your power plant.

Why drive an electric car if the electricity used to power it isn’t green?

You might as well just keep driving your gas powered vehicle.

And even though car emissions are lower today than 50 years ago, the gas powered vehicles most of us drive still create smog harmful to our health.

EVs, on the other hand, produce zero direct emissions which improves air quality, especially in urban areas.

And car emissions also produce harmful greenhouse gases that...well you know what those do.

So if you’re thinking about buying an electric vehicle to reduce your carbon footprint, think about creating your own green energy too.

Joe Collins is the owner of CIE Solar Energy, LLC.

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