• Joe Collins

Solar on the Mind

There's plenty going on in solar energy these days. Especially at the macro level. Much of

the discussion focuses on:

  • Increasing U.S. solar manufacturing. Read more here

  • Potential solar tariffs on Asian manufacturers that could upset the solar supply chain. Read more here

  • Debates on the merits of large scale solar projects that cover acres of rural landscapes. Read more here

  • The environmental costs of actually making solar panels. Read more here

Lots to ponder.

And solar is no panacea for our energy woes. Solar has costs and benefits just like everything else.

But this much we know is true. Solar has tremendous upsides for individual homeowners and small businesses.

In the long run owning your own solar system will:

  • Save you money

  • Increase the value of your home or business

  • Produce local jobs

  • And give you energy independence

Some folks won’t be able to benefit from a rooftop solar array, but many will. The beauty of solar is that individuals can take the initiative to change their own energy paradigm.

In the past, energy decisions have been controlled by utility companies, but with solar you can produce your own electricity and chart your own energy future.

You might not be able to do much about the solar supply chain or how panels are manufactured, but you can choose to put a solar system on your roof.

Joe Collins is a solar advocate and the owner of CIE Solar Energy, LLC.

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