• Joe Collins

Solar Costs: After Your System is Up and Running

Nobody likes hidden costs.

We like to be told what something is going to cost and whether there will be future expenses.

So here's the deal with solar.

First, you might want to insure your solar installation.

Tell your insurance company the value of the solar array and they'll give you a price.

Typically it's very reasonable, but calculate it as part of your investment.

Second, there could be cleaning costs.

Rain will clean a rooftop system in Florida, but a ground mount solar array can collect dust, and a professional cleaning might cost you.

Also, there may be landscaping costs if weeds, grass, and tree branches grow and shade the panels.

They'll need to be cut back.

Third, you might have maintenance costs.

For example, an inverter could fail and might need to be replaced.

Consider using inverters that carry a 25 year warranty.

Finally, you'll still pay a monthly service charge to your utility for grid connection.

In conclusion, future expenses are possible after your solar system is up and running, but in most cases these costs will be minimal.

Joe Collins is the owner at CIE Solar Energy, LLC.

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