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Should your Solar System have a Battery?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Battery Storage for solar is constantly improving.

So do you need one for your solar array?

Well the simple answer is, “If you want to store energy, then yes.”


But most solar owners do not have a battery backup system.

They are tied directly to the grid.

And when the grid goes down, their solar panels stop producing energy.


Well systems are designed this way to protect utility workers, so electricity from your roof top is not flowing back into the grid while electrical workers are fixing it. That would be very dangerous.

If you want electricity when the grid goes down, you need to add batteries to your solar system.

The good thing is...

You can add battery backup to your solar array whenever you like.

It doesn’t have to happen during the initial installation. You can put in a solar system and then 5 years later add batteries.


And Solar systems and batteries are always compatible.

But of course there is a cost.

And Backing up a lot of electricity, like your air conditioning can be expensive.


Backing up critical loads like lights, fans, refrigerators and other small appliances is much cheaper.

And something else to keep in mind.

Although battery technology is constantly developing, batteries need to be replaced every 10 years or so, and they require upkeep.

So while batteries can give you comfort and peace of mind when the lights go out, there is an added expense, and they won’t last as long as your solar system will.


But, for some, adding batteries may be worth the investment.

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