• Joe Collins

New Solar Technology is Everywhere

Solar light poles developed by ClearWorld are here.

They are secure, powerful, climate friendly, and best of all cheaper than conventional, grid tied light poles.

How do they work?

Glad you asked....

These light poles, which are anywhere from 10’ to 30’ high, fit flexible solar panels around new or existing light poles and power the light bulb with clean, green, solar energy.

Combined with a battery, these poles reduce energy dependence and increase reliability and safety during adverse weather conditions.

Think hurricanes and floods.

They also have programmable features for lighting and communication.

Think “smart pole" with a camera, motion sensors, wifi, emergency call button and a usb charger.

You can put lots of useful gadgets on these solar light poles.

Plus they’re good looking.

Who can use them?

Well just about everyone can benefit. They are great for:

  • City streets

  • Highways

  • Residential neighborhoods

  • Military bases

  • Businesses and homes

  • Parks

The City of Miami has them too. Click here to see a quick 2 minute video.

Lots of innovation around solar these days and ClearWorld just added a new solar technology to the mix.

Joe Collins is a solar advocate and the owner of CIE Solar, LLC.

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