• Joe Collins

Might Be Time for Your Business to Go Solar

Lots of home owners are putting solar on their roofs.


Save money, be eco friendly, lock into energy costs that never change.

But what about businesses?

In Florida, more and more businesses are going solar just like homeowners.

If your business is going to be around for the next 5 years, you own the building, and you have high energy costs, then solar could be a sound investment.

Here are a few reasons why...

  • Solar will give your business predictable energy costs that will never change.

  • Consumers care about the environment and support companies that care about it too.

  • Reducing your energy costs will save you money.

What about the costs?

With the 26% Federal Tax Credit and the 100% bonus accelerated depreciation, your business can pay for most of the entire asset in the first year.

Which means...

Many businesses can structure their solar investment to be cash flow positive immediately.

Solar is an excellent capital investment that helps mitigate risks and free up capital.

And solar financing for businesses is readily available.

So what do you need to know before choosing solar for your business?

Here are some of the basics.

  • Solar panels can be installed on the ground, on a roof or a carport.

  • Your solar system is sized to match your energy use.

  • Solar panels capture the sun's energy to be used during the day.

  • At night, or when more power is needed, power is drawn from the utility.

  • If you produce more than you need, the power is sent back to the grid and you get a credit on your bill.

With solar you can...

Demonstrate your company’s financial stewardship while reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar also shows your company is innovative and committed to new energy technology.

Buyers feel good supporting products and services powered by the sun.

And a solar investment is visual.

Which makes it easy to display via social media, in-person events, and other channels.

A solar investment can strengthen your marketing efforts and generate customer support.

And in addition to pleasing your customers, solar promotes employee engagement.

Employees appreciate green initiatives and take pride in being part of an organization that prioritizes sustainability.

Solar can be a winning proposition for your business!

Might be time to look into a solar future!

Joe Collins is the owner of CIE Solar Energy, LLC.

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