• Joe Collins

How Reliable is Solar?

Nobody wants to complicate their life.

So when people consider going solar they often ask themselves...

Is this going to take up lots of my time?

Do I have to watch over this system?

Am I going to be making daily phone calls because this thing isn’t working correctly?

Well when you think about how reliable solar is, two thoughts come to mind.

The solar hardware, and the financial investment.

In terms of hardware...

Having to replace a solar panel is rare.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratories only 1 out of every 2,000 panels fails.

And if you invest in high quality solar panels with a 25 year warranty, the chances a panel will fail is much less.

What about inverters?

Because of advances in technology, inverters today last much longer than they used to.

And like solar panels, warranties on microinverters are substantial. A high quality microinverter is often warrantied for 25 years.

So the working parts of a solar system are reliable and backed by warranties.

And, believe it or not, solar has been around for several decades.

NASA, the U.S. Military, Apple, Amazon, Target, Walmart and your neighbor down the street all have solar these days.

In terms of being a reliable financial investment

Well the sun is always going to rise.

You might get cloudy days, weeks, even some months, but overall the sun will shine and your solar system will produce electricity and make you money.

You know what else is reliable:

Your utility is always going to charge you for the power they deliver and their rates will always go up.

So solar becomes a hedge against those rising utility rates.

With solar you save with every sunrise.

Solar equipment is reliable and the investment is risk free.

So Take the Road to Solar!

Joe Collins is the owner of CIE Solar Energy.

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