• Joe Collins

Does Solar Make Sense for You?

As a homeowner you may be thinking about putting solar panels on your roof.


You want to save money on electricity!

You want to reduce your carbon footprint!

Or a combination of both.

So the question is does solar make sense for you?

And the answer is....


There are a lot of different factors to consider like:

  • Do you have enough roof space?

  • Do you have roof shading?

  • How much power do you use?

  • How much do you pay for electricity?

Let’s assume that your home and electricity needs are ideal for solar.

You have enough roof space, no shade, and an expensive electric bill.

So for you, solar looks good.


Let’s say you're a typical Florida homeowner paying around $1,600 a year on electricity

That money goes straight to your utility.

But, solar panels could help you eliminate some or all of that cost.

Plus, there are other solar benefits

For example,

  • No sales tax on solar in Florida.

  • Your home value increases with solar, but your property taxes stay the same. Meaning there are no ad valorem taxes to pay

  • 26% federal tax credit will reduce the overall cost of your system


To learn more about solar. Tap Here

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