• Joe Collins

Are Solar Panels Toxic?

Solar advocates highlight the environmental benefits of renewable energy, but other folks are wary of a solar panel's chemical make-up.

Let me set the record straight!

Putting solar panels on your roof will not harm the environment.

Most solar panels today are made with silicon cells sandwiched between glass in a metal frame.

And silicon cells are used in many things like cement blocks, computers and cell phones.

Solar panels do have a little lead, but a well constructed panel will never leak.

Other forms of energy are much more dangerous.

Burning coal, for example, releases toxic chemicals into the air, like arsenic, lead and mercury.

Another concern is that solar panels give off electromagnetic radiation.

Well they do.

But according to the World Health Organization there is no evidence that electromagnetic radiation affects your health.

And by the way, televisions, cell phones, laptops and light bulbs give off electromagnetic radiation too.

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